Daycare Fun

Three large dogs playing together outside on a nice sunny day at Mel's Waggin' Tail Inn Dog Daycare & Boarding Kennel near the Greater Moncton Area

Come. Stay. Play!

Life Gets Busy! Whether you work long hours, have a high energy dog or simply want him to socialize and make new friends, dog daycare is a great option!

The Benefits of Dog Daycare

Exercise Can Save Your Home

When dogs don’t get enough exercise, they find their own ways to entertain themselves. They may destroy shoes, eat remote controls, ruin the couch or even let themselves out to find something to do. Giving your dog enough exercise makes him happy, content and well-mannered, and it can save your home from utter chaos and destruction.

Dogs Are Social Creatures

Dogs are pack animals. They like to interact with other people and dogs. Dog daycare gives your dog a chance to have fun with his canine pals while you’re off doing important business. Let your doggy win friends and influence people with his growing social skills thanks to daycare.

Well-socialized dogs are more likely to get along with other dogs and people, and you can feel comfortable taking them out because you know they’ll behave. The socialization aspect of daycare may seem intangible, but it yields very real benefits when you take your dog out in public.

Daycare Fees

  • 1 Dog $19 (+tx)
  • Additional Dog* $13 ea.(+tx)

* Dogs from the same family

Waggin’ Tail Package (Includes 10 Daycare)

  • 1 Dog $170 (+tx)
  • Additional Dog* $120 ea. (+tx)

* Dogs from the same family

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