Cancellation Policy

The following reservation cancellation policy is in place as an effort to better serve our doggy guests on our waiting list or seeking last-minute accommodations.

Cancellation Time-Frames Cancellation Fees
48 hours* in advance or prior Free cancellation, no fee will apply
Between 48 & 24 hours* in advance A $60 cancellation fee will apply
Less than 24 hours* in advance
(i.e. on the intended day of arrival)
A cancellation fee of 90% of what your total invoice would have been will apply (minimum fee of 60$)

* To note: any reservation cancellation request done after our business hours will be considered as received the next day with fees applying according to this policy.

Reader’s Choice WINNER!

We are honoured to have been voted as one of the top Dog Boarding & Daycare Facility in the Times & Transcript Reader’s Choice.

A nice picture of the Inn's staff taken outside the kennel on a beautiful day

Thank you to all our Amazing Clients for your support!

A nice picture of the Inn's staff taken outside the kennel on a beautiful day

Well, just came back from two weeks to Mexico and I think Mel gave me the wrong dog. My over exuberant 11 month old chocolate lab is now a calm and submissive wonderful companion. I don’t know if she gave him special attention or it s living within a pack, but he is more obedient, responds better on leash, doesn’t want to chew on my hands and doesn’t jump on people anymore.

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Overall, I am more than satisfied with this kennel, and would recommend it to anyone that cares for their dog. It’s not only a daycare but a rehab. Living in a pack has given me the dog I wanted. Thanks Again Mel!

- Josianne Thebeau, Balou’s pawrent