Our Foster Care Program

Picture of a bog dog leaning on the leg of his master looking up with a kind look

Furry Friends Looking For A New Home.

We believe that every dog deserve a second chance, that is why we foster dog & puppies for various rescue organisation.

Here at the Inn we like to pay it forward and help out dogs in need. Since we opened our doors we fostered several litters of puppies. We also foster adult dogs that might need a little extra help finding their forever home.

While they stay here we work on issues that they might have and refresh their manners by working on basic obedience. We get them to socialize with other dogs & people and also work on basic obedience so they can find their forever home.

Interested In Adopting A Foster Dog

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Or check out these animal rescue organizations, where your next best friend might be waiting for you:

Well, just came back from two weeks to Mexico and I think Mel gave me the wrong dog. My over exuberant 11 month old chocolate lab is now a calm and submissive wonderful companion. I don’t know if she gave him special attention or it s living within a pack, but he is more obedient, responds better on leash, doesn’t want to chew on my hands and doesn’t jump on people anymore.

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Overall, I am more than satisfied with this kennel, and would recommend it to anyone that cares for their dog. It’s not only a daycare but a rehab. Living in a pack has given me the dog I wanted. Thanks Again Mel!

- Josianne Thebeau, Balou’s pawrent